Adetas gives you the opportunity of getting paid by businesses for bringing them customers.
You earn money for every new person you add to your network.

Easy Steps To Earn

Register on Adetas
Create an account on Adetas. Verify your NaijaBet account. Get access to your dashboard and manage your downlines.
Grow Your Network
Refer NaijaBet to friends and grow your network. More people you add, more money. As simple as ABC.
Keep Earning
Withdraw your earnings. Also get amazing items on our Mira shop with your earnings.

Networks On Adetas


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Your Questions Answered

Adetas is a sustainable multi-level marketing platform where you can refer people to register on a network and earn money for doing so. The more people register, the more your earnings. Refer people to join NaijaBet, a licensed bookmaking company in Nigeria.
To join Adetas, you need a sum of ₦2,500. ₦2,000 is immediately credited to your NaijaBet account.
You need to refer people to Adetas to earn more money. Once they register, you earn a bonus of ₦200. You also earn more as your downlines (people you've registered) add more people to the network.
You must have a NaijaBet account to use Adetas.
Once you have referred people to Adetas, they have to register with your referral link which you can see on your dashboard. They can also join by entering your Adetas username at the point of registration without your link.
The Mira shop is an online store where you can pay for discounted items using the bonuses you have made on Adetas. The Mira is our platform currency, and you can only pay for items on the Mira Shop using the Mira.
You can withdraw your earnings and bonuses once you have earned up to ₦5,000. You can transfer your earnings to your bank account through your dashboard.
You keep earning from your downlines up to the third level. That means you earn from people that your downlines refer.

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